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EchelonUSA is a national outreach & leadership development initiative for Latino university students.

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In response to the increasing population of Latinos in the United States and the Church’s call for a New Evangelization, EchelonUSA was formed to become a Latino led national outreach and leadership development initiative for college students. Our objective is to produce virtuous leaders infused with a Catholic worldview, who transform culture.


Rooted in the Catholic tradition of Christianity, Latino culture, and professional best practices, EchelonUSA was born out of a passion and zeal to develop and build college students into virtuous leaders who will transform the United States and the world. Echelon commissions teams of trained college students to exercise virtuous leadership on their campuses and influence their peers to do the same. Echelon provides faith formation, leadership development training, peer-to-peer mentorship, and professional mentorship for its staff and members.

We inspire and equip Latino college students in their pursuit to virtue and professionalism. We lead them into lives as influential Catholic leaders who shape the future of the United States.


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EchelonUSA offers four main

areas of development for our

student leaders:

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After three years of the largest Catholic providing outreach at UST, our campus Chaplain (a Latino) recognized the need for Latino missionaries due to lack of engagement to Latino students.


The moment my family started our ministry, the program began to flourish when Latino students were engaged. We quickly began overcoming every single barrier that was previously thought to prevent Latino involvement.


Over the course of the next four years of our program, Latinos became the majority, and students began requesting and began conducting ministry in Spanish. Our program was unmatched by most other Catholic campus ministries in the US. After careful consideration as to why this was the case, we determined that there was a need for outreach to Latino college students.


We learned what worked. We learned that Latinos needed to reach out to Latinos. We learned that a shared commonality is essential. We learned that we needed to earn the trust of the students and their families and get to know them well. We learned how to engage Latinos and support them in their faith and help develop them into leaders.


And now, we're EchelonUSA and our fast growth is just the start.


-Lee Vigil


P.O. Box 667385

Houston, TX 77266




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