Meet Ana


Ana is a junior at the

University of St. Thomas

in Houston.

Seeking More


Ana Hernandez joined EchelonUSA because she wanted to achieve her career goals while seeking God in her Catholic faith.


"I genuinely believe EchelonUSA has the potential to cultivate a stronger Catholic Latino community, both locally and nationally," says Ana. "It can be used as a safe place for students to advance and share ideas; I am excited to help build that."


Ana was born in Venezuela and lived there until the age of seven. In Venezuela, she learned to speak Spanish fluently and was immersed in Latino culture. She is proud of her culture and loves sharing it with other students. Ana is an extroverted individual who genuinely enjoys connecting with, and developing relationships, with different kinds of people.


"Sharing a culture with another student is an immediate connection that encourages our shared goals for the improvement of the Latino community that surrounds us," she says.


Currently, Ana holds a leadership position in the University of St. Thomas chapter of the American Chemical Society and has already been elected to be the vice president next year. In five years she plans to be halfway through medical school, and in ten years she hopes to be in a fellowship program specializing in pediatric rheumatology.


"My ultimate hope in life is to be graced with the ability to build relationships with my patients, so that I can support them in their hardships."




P.O. Box 667385

Houston, TX 77266



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