Archbishop Gomez


The Archbishop recently offered his blessing on the work of EchelonUSA. Read his comments below.

"It is time."

Why do you think there is a need for Latino campus ministry?


“Because the reality of the Church in this country is that it is becoming more and more Latino and Latinos need to fulfill the responsibility of forming the present and future of the Church. So it’s important for them to know the faith and to become active in the practice of the faith. Really the Church in the United States is a Latino Church, so I think it is important. That’s one thing and the other thing, I think it is important for young people because young people are the ones that have the ideas and big vision and they want to see and change the future. and we are becoming more and more a secular culture so it is time for young people to bring Christianity back to this country.”


What is your hope for EchelonUSA?


“Obviously that it becomes established all over the country and the source of hope and vision for the young people and for the next generation.”


What do you want Latino college students to know?


“That for the point of view of myself as an archbishop, that we need them. We need the young people. One of my priorities in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, as the largest Archdiocese in the country, is youth ministry and college ministry because I see that is the strength of the church for the future.


So, my hope is that they really be open to the grace of God and open to know and practice their faith because that is what is going to change the country and the world, our faith, our love for God, and we are Christians, we are followers of Jesus Christ and we find our happiness in knowing and loving Jesus and so that is what this program is all about. And then as a consequence of that we’re gonna naturally share the beauty of life and the beauty of community and the beauty of family with everybody else in our country.  What happens in the United States makes a huge difference all over the world. The Church in the United States--the youth ministry in the United States--is essential for the present and future of the Church for this country and for the whole world.”




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