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What Echelon USA can do for you:

The benefits of individual membership are, first and foremost, personal spiritual growth. Additionally, by joining EchelonUSA, a member becomes a part of a unique and emerging movement of recognized Latino leaders within our universities and colleges, country, and our Church. Serving as a voice to and for our members and our community, our goal is to grow as a national voice of Latinos within our Church, with our bishops, legislators, policy makers, the media, and other leaders throughout the country. Members of EchelonUSA become part of a unique network of engaged college students, professionals, and entrepreneurs with whom they have shared values and faith and from which their collective numbers can make a fundamental difference through public witness on critical issues affecting our Church and community.

 Additional benefits include:

     -Monthly newsletter

     -Access to members only section of website

     -Peer mentorship

     -Professional mentorship

     -Formation and Leadership programs



Membership Criteria

• Applicants must be sponsored by an existing EchelonUSA member.


• Applicants do not need to be Catholic*. Catholics of all rites in communion with the Holy See are welcome.


• Applicants are to be students who demonstrate leadership on campus and in their community.  Student Membership is possible for applicants currently enrolled in undergraduate or Post-Graduate studies.

Students in Catholic seminaries and other centers of religious formation for future Catholic ordained or consecrated religious are also eligible. Student dues are $75 annually.

• There is no need to be Latino however, an EchelonUSA member must be willing to work with the Church for the common good in the service of Latino students in the United States.


• Applicants commit to participate in EchelonUSA's discussions, events and initiatives and further EchelonUSA’s Mission. Applicants must support and abide by EchelonUSA’s mission, core purpose and core values.


• Payment of annual dues of $150 and local dues when applicable.


*Leadership development and faith formation will be in the Catholic tradition.  Members and guests who are not Catholic are invited to participate in the Latino expression of the Catholic faith.


Peer Mentorship is an integral part of the leadership development program of EchelonUSA.  As a peer mentor you serve several very important functions to your mentee.  Mentors should already be demonstrating a commitment to the development of their faith, demonstrating leadership on campus and within the classroom.  A Peer Mentor should also be mentored.  Peer Mentors should hold their mentees accountable and provide opportunities for their mentee to observe the mentor's disposition on campus.  Peer Mentors should begin and end every meeting with mentee with prayer.  Faith based topics to be discussed should include but not be limited to interior life, personal faithful study, and activity. Leadership topics to be discussed but not limited to: skill set, leadership opportunities on campus, challenges and victories in leadership.

Professional Mentorship is an integral part of the leadership development program of EchelonUSA.  As a professional mentor you serve several very important functions to your mentee.  Professional Mentors should already be demonstrating a commitment to develop their faith and incorporating their faith into their leadership in their workplaces, communities, and families.  The method is to allow mentees observe (shadow) their mentor live out professional life as a faithful leader in the mentor's professional setting.  College students need to be shown, not told, how to be a faithful leader in the workplace, communities, and families.  We hope that at the end of each time a mentee has with their mentor they would have seen the mentor incorporate prayer, charity, professionalism, instruction, inspiration, self-discipline, into their day.  It is desirable that the mentor and mentee invest some time at the end of the day to pray and discuss what the mentee experienced.  It is also expected for the mentor to offer some sort of challenge to the mentee to incorporate accountability into the relationship.

How to Join

Membership in EchelonUSA is by invitation only and requires the payment of annual dues. A person does not have to be Hispanic or Catholic to be a member, and EchelonUSA wholeheartedly welcomes individuals seeking a path to return to, grow in, or convert their faith and employ these principles of faith into their leadership.


We encourage those who are interested in membership to contact their local Chapter Director and participate in chapter meetings to familiarize themselves with the mission and the core values of EchelonUSA. Click here to find if there is a chapter in your city. The national office can also provide you with more information about EchelonUSA’s mission and purpose.

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