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What is Echelon Mentorship?

Professional Mentorship is an integral part of the leadership development program of EchelonUSA.  As a professional mentor you serve several very important functions to your mentee. Professional Mentors should already be demonstrating a commitment to develop their faith and incorporating their faith into their leadership in their workplaces, communities, and families.


The method is to allow mentees observe (shadow) their mentor live out professional life as a faithful leader in the mentor's professional setting. College students need to be shown, not told, how to be a faithful leader in the workplace, communities, and families.


We hope that at the end of each time a mentee has with their mentor they would have seen the mentor incorporate prayer, charity, professionalism, instruction, inspiration, self-discipline, into their day. It is desirable that the mentor and mentee invest some time at the end of the day to pray and discuss what the mentee experienced.


It is also expected for the mentor to offer some sort of challenge to the mentee to incorporate accountability into the relationship.

“The importance of forming young, Latino leaders on campus will allow the Lord to give these young people the confidence, faith and tools they need to go out and transform our culture and society.”

Bishop Brendan Cahill

Victoria, TX




Rodrigo lives in Los Angeles, where he serves as CEO of the Deodate Corporation.

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