Meet Rodrigo


Rodrigo lives in Los Angeles where he serves as CEO of the Deodate Corporation.

What inspired you to become involved with EchelonUSA as a mentor?


I have always had a deep respect for mentorship and an even deeper appreciate for value/faith-based leadership. EchelonUSA’s mission speaks to both and I wanted to lend myself to paying it forward by mentoring.



How do you hope EchelonUSA will positively impact you personally through your service as a mentor?


I have always been grateful for the wisdom, advice and values passed on by mentors who cared enough about me to take the time to share it. I am happy to pay it forward for the next generation to enter the workforce.



What do you want other potential mentors to know about EchelonUSA?


Very few mentoring organizations offer a value-based approach. We are in desperate need of leadership that is based on great values. Our youth deserve to be mentored in a way that leads them to be this exact type of professional.





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