Meet Sarina


Sarina plans for graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of St. Thomas.

Sarina, far right, is passionate about learning and growing in her Catholic faith.  She enjoys exploring Houston, socializing with friends, being with family and learning guitar.

What do you hope to gain from EchelonUSA?


I hope to gain wholesome, ethical and faith-filled leadership skills, as well as be able to network with individuals who can help me become the type of leader needed in our country today. At the same time, I hope to grow a greater appreciation and understanding for my culture.



What do you want other students to know about EchelonUSA?


I want them to know that you do not have to be a leader to join EchelonUSA. Instead, you just need to be willing to be formed into a virtuous, faith-filled leader. Also, that EchelonUSA is not only for Hispanics, but for anyone who is looking for guidance to grow in leadership. The diversity in membership is beneficial for networking and other future endeavors.



How have you built a personal relationship with Christ through the Church and campus ministry?


My relationship with Christ has really been fostered through the Catholic example given through some of the people I have encountered at the University of St. Thomas. The traditions of UST, along with the people and Catholic culture have given me many opportunities to grow in my faith. Campus Ministry has offered retreats that have helped to re-direct my spiritual life, as well as opportunities for spiritual growth. One spiritual movement in particular, Regnum Christi, has helped my foster a deeper love for Christ and the Blessed Virgin.




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